Carbon dioxide storage

Hello everyone
I am a beginner of OGS, I want to use OGS6 to simulate the CO2–fluid–mineral interactions during CO2-storage. I wonder if ogs6 can achieve this goal,if so, which module do I need to use.
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Hi John,

At the present multi-component reactive transport modeling in saturated porous media is supported with the module OpenGeoSys-6#Phreeqc. There are many reactive transport examples available with the link: Tests/Data/Parabolic/ComponentTransport/ReactiveTransport · master · ogs / ogs · GitLab. This module has not yet been extended for multi-phase multi-component reactive transport modeling which might be desired for CO2 storage.

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Hi renchao,
Thanks for your reply.Although this module may not achieve my purpose, I will continue to pay attention to it.
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