Compensate process code failed

In my THM process model, I originally use the compensate_non_equilibrium_initial_residuum code to compensate the initial condition and it succeeded. the code is like:

** <nonlinear_solver>basic_newton</nonlinear_solver>
** <compensate_non_equilibrium_initial_residuum>true

** </compensate_non_equilibrium_initial_residuum>**

However, when I change the size of my model in the same order of magnitude and run the project again, the compensate process can’t be achieved. Does anyone have the same problem as mine? Can anyone give me some advice to solve the problem?

Not sure what the actual problem is, but using compensate_non_equilibrium_initial_residuum is always a tricky thing. I would advise you to start with an equilibrated initial state instead, such that the switch is not needed.