Different Initial Conditions in Subdomains for OGS-Phreeqc

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Maybe this has been posted here, but I’ve only found a similar topic for ogs-5 but not ogs-6:

I am using the ComponentTransportProcess coupled with Phreeqc with a domain comprised of several different materials. Each material has, of course, a different ID to define corresponding properties in OGS.

What I haven’t been able to find out in the documentation is:

How to define different initial conditions for each process variable in each material? So far I can only define the same ICs for the whole domain, which is not correct, as each material has a different porewater concentration at t = 0.


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Dear Jaime,

I know I’m late. But maybe it still helps.

You could do this in the prj file with e.g.


And the “initial_conc” is the Result Array Name of the Calculator filter which you could add onto your bulk mesh in Paraview. You could use an expression for the initial condition like this:

(conditional1)*expression1 + (conditional2)*expression2 ...

The conditonals can consist point coordinates (in the drag menu Scalars), for example. Then simply replace the original bulk mesh with the new calculator by Save Data.


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Dear Boyan,

Thanks a lot! I think it’s still helpful for someone interested. Actually, a big thanks also to @renchao.lu for suggesting a similar solution.

I ended up using the following script to avoid the ParaView calculator:

create_ics.zip (3.9 KB)

After assigning the initial concentrations to the corresponding material ID cells, I use CellDataToPointData in Paraview.

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