Error in Uconfined aquifer benchmark with OGS6.4.3

Hi there,
trying to run the Unconfined Aquifer benchmark using the latest version of OGS 6 I run into the following error:

C:\Users\Andrea\Documents\Flow\OpenGeoSys\ogs-master\ogs-master\Tests\Data\Parabolic\LiquidFlow\Unconfined_Aquifer\BC_BC>ogs TestSet_01.prj
info: This is OpenGeoSys-6 version 6.4.3-16-g9a7564950.
info: OGS started on 2022-10-26 17:09:28+0200.
info: Reading project file C:\Users\Andrea\Documents\Flow\OpenGeoSys\ogs-master\ogs-master\Tests\Data\Parabolic\LiquidFlow\Unconfined_Aquifer\BC_BC\TestSet_01.prj.
info: ConstantParameter: p0
info: ConstantParameter: p_bc0
info: ConstantParameter: p_bc1
info: ConstantParameter: constant_porosity_parameter
info: ConstantParameter: kappa1
info: No source terms for process variable ‘pressure’ found.
critical: E:/builds/4WZM6MEb/0/ogs/ogs/BaseLib/ConfigTree.cpp:233 BaseLib::ConfigTree::onerror()
error: ConfigTree: In file TestSet_01.prj' at path <processes/process>: Key <linear> has been read 1 time(s) less than it was present in the configuration tree. info: Initialize processes. error: ConfigTree: There have been errors when parsing the configuration file(s): error: ConfigTree: In file TestSet_01.prj’ at path <processes/process>: Key has been read 1 time(s) less than it was present in the configuration tree.
critical: E:/builds/4WZM6MEb/0/ogs/ogs/BaseLib/ConfigTree.cpp:258 BaseLib::ConfigTree::assertNoSwallowedErrors()
error: There have been errors when parsing the configuration file(s).
info: OGS terminated on 2022-10-26 17:09:28+0200.
error: OGS terminated with error.

does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks for any suggestions!

all input files are taken from the test folder: Tests/Data/Parabolic/LiquidFlow/Unconfined_Aquifer/BC_BC · master · ogs / ogs · GitLab

I found a solution
the path <processes /processes> in the .prj file should be modified as follow as follow:

            <secondary_variable internal_name="darcy_velocity" output_name="v"/>
        <specific_body_force>0.0 0.0</specific_body_force>

Hi Andrea,

yes, this is correct solution to the particular problem. Sometimes we have to change the project file configuration and in this case recently a new <linear> tag was defined. It works with the more recent (master) version of OGS as it should.
When using older versions of OGS, the test files should be taken for the corresponding version, e.g. if you have the source code (which includes all tests) cloned locally, then git checkout 9a7564950 will checkout the test for the corresponding OGS-binary version. The hash you see in the log-messages or with bin/ogs --version.
In gitlab you also have the option to show code at given version/branch, e.g. v6.4.3; your link above would be then
Tests/Data/Parabolic/LiquidFlow/Unconfined_Aquifer/BC_BC · v6.4.3 · ogs / ogs · GitLab
Or at a given hash, if you prefer:
Tests/Data/Parabolic/LiquidFlow/Unconfined_Aquifer/BC_BC · 9a7564950 · ogs / ogs · GitLab

– d