Error While Running a Simulation


I am trying to run a simulation that I worked on one of the benchmarks. I am getting an error like this.

Why are the described properties not used? Also, I used the generate structured mesh utility of OGS6.

But the error says, “element not found in the input range; Required mesh with name MICP.vtu is not found. My geometry is a 1D line element with a 0.5 m length. The number of mesh is 50.

What I am missing?

Here is the mesh creation command that I inspired:


And here is the error:


You can also find my simulation files. Thank you for your help. (6.5 KB)

The name of the mesh file should be provided without the *.vtu extension to the chemical system:

<chemical_system chemical_solver="Phreeqc">

Hope this helps you.