HM consolidation problem --- IC conditions

Hi everyone,

I am using OGS 64bit on Windows, ver 5.3.7 JOD .
I am trying to include in the saturated consolidation problem (benchmark hm_foot_tet) an initial gradient of pressure (variable PRESSURE1).
I modified the BC on top (0 Pa) and on the bottom consistently with the pressure gradient I expect through the whole domain.

I am interested in the evolution of the overpressure “plume” due to the generated deformation, accounting for a gradient pressure in the porous media and I tried in two ways, but without success up to now.

I calculated the gradient by solving the problem with the BC above mentioned, I put the PRESSURE1 distribution in a .rfr file and then set the IC keyword

RESTART my_file.rfr

OGS is reading the .rfr file correctly (although it says: ->Assign IC RFR: no restart data)

In fact, for the timestep 0 the gradient in pressure is correct, but for timestep 1 it seems to start computation from scratch: no gradient, just some diffusion close to the bottom boundary condition (diffusion going to steady state=gradient for given BCs if timestep or permeability big … but of course then I have no data about the consolidation itself).

Additional remark: the manual says
“Information of restart time comes from the TIM data (.tim file). Important is that
number of node variables and variable names are compatible. In the data block
node values for each mesh node are required.”
(last modified: YD - 5th July 2006)

Of course , there is no mention of this restart time in the .tim file section.

Tried with keyword GRADIENT:
GRADIENT 5 0 9800
but I wasn’t successful, same problem (IC ignored after timestep 0, only BC considered).

  1. I tried modifying the benchmark hm_dyn_tri, the main difference is the .pcs file having DEFORMATION_DYNAMIC instead of DEFORMATION_FLOW, but OGS crashes at

-> assign IC

I hope someone can help, you can find attached the modified .ic and .bc files and 2 pictures showing what I described.
I tried to set up as IC also the stresses (I thought that from stresses pressure is derived, therefore having inital 0 stress state will lead to 0 pressure) but with no success.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Luca Urpi

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hm_foot_tet.ic (364 Bytes)


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Reading the initial pressure for HM modeling is not available in the
trunk version. Norihiro have made a correction about this for
Fabien. I will send you the file late on