Linear, single fracture with LIE approach

Hi all,

I am reading through the documentation of the HM benchamrks and I found a mismatch between the specific storage defined in the pdf description (1.e-10 or 0), while in the input file the storage is defined for the fracture as S_f, where S_f = 1.e-12 . Can you comment on that?

Additionally, what is the p(x,t) function used to calculate the analytical response presented in the pdf?

After some struggling, I found that a semi-analytical solution can be found in

Wijesinghe, A. M. (1986). Similarity solution for coupled deformation and fluid flow in discrete fractures (No. UCRL-95316; CONF-860910-2). Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (USA).
(available here pag 349-358)

I provide a jupyter notebook to reproduce the Wijesinghe’s paper integration and results (without any warranty on its correctness) and to compute values for the p(x,t) function.

Thank you Luca,
this is very helpful! could you comment please on his first question ?