OpenGeoSys Community Meeting 2017 – 12-13.12.2017 in Leipzig

OpenGeoSys Community Meeting 2017 – 12-13.12.2017 in Leipzig

Dear OGS-Users and Developers,

    We cordially invite you to attend the OpenGeoSys Community Meeting 2017 – 12-13.12.2017 in Leipzig. The CM again is dedicated to both (1) exchange of users and developers and (2) reporting on recent developments of OGS-6. In the last two years we have invested considerable efforts in developing OGS tutorials and continuing the benchmarking process (). We will also discuss the OGS-Road Map for 2018.

    The OGS-CM-2017 will be held in conjunction with the 10<sup>th</sup>
    Anniversary of the Department of Environmental Informatics at the Helmholtz Centre of Environmental Research UFZ and the Chair of Applied Environmental Systems Analysis at the Technische Universität Dresden.

    Please send your tentative title for oral or poster presentation until 15.11.2017. Of course you may also participate without presentation if you are just interested in the progress of OGS. Please reply to

    We are looking forward to the users’ reports and your recommendations concerning the improvement of OGS in future.

Best regards

    Olaf Kolditz on behalf of the OGS Developer Team

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