[users-hpc] CSCS-USI Summer School 2014: 30 June- 10 July, 2014 in Tessin, Switzerland

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  Dear Members of the CSCS User Community,

  CSCS is pleased to announce the CSCS-USI Summer School 2014

which will take place from June 30 to July 10, 2014
in a beautiful

location in Tessin, Switzerland.

      The 10 day Summer School focused on parallel programming

MPI, OpenMP,

      CUDA and OpenACC aimed at graduate students who are new to

the world of

      high performance computing and hybrid systems and who wish

to learn the

      basic skills required to write, develop and maintain

parallel applications in

      scientific computing. The purpose of the summer school is

to teach programming

      skills and  therefore a large proportion of the course will

be dedicated to

practical exercises.

    A course outline is available on our webpage under "Events"



    where you will also be able to find the form to apply for the

Summer School

together with more practical information.

    Best regards,



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