1st OGS Hackathon Announcement

Right before the OGS community meeting, on 09 September 2024, there will be the
first-ever OGS hackathon. This event is open to all: from novice users to
experienced modellers and developers! Spend the day collaborating on new OGS
features/tools/documentation/… and in the evening we’ll have a drink somewhere
in the city of Leipzig.

Not sure, yet, if this event is for you? Maybe a selection of possible topics
helps. You could…

  • finish a new Jupyter notebook for the benchmark gallery,
  • enhance the documentation by closing crucial gaps,
  • hack & test & document features such as, e.g., simulation (re)start with
    HDF5 files, or Python bindings for the material property library,
  • etc. (we have ton of other ideas, and you can add your own)

And all of that not alone in your office, but together with other people from
the community and the OGS core team!

Not convinced, yet? → Tell us.*
Intending to participate (maybe)? → Tell us.*
Have other ideas for the hackathon? → Tell us.*

We are looking forward to hack with you at the hackathon!

* Please register for the hackathon (christoph.lehmann@ufz.de) such that we have a rough idea how many people will come.
There will be the possibility to participate remotely, but we strongly encourage
you to come to Leipzig!