3D COAXIAL BHE - for beginners?

Hi - we are OGS newbies.

For the moment all we want to do is work with the Benchmark 3D COAXIAL BHE. Can someone point us at a user friendly mesh editor, and geometry editor - for this Benchmark please ? Currently struggling with loading and visualising some of the generated output files into the OGS Viewer …(as well !)

Any help / pointers appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @planetcooler,

Thank you very much for your interest in our 3D coaxial BHE model.

For the mesh construction, we used a simple script for GMSH. Please refer to my PhD thesis on page 25.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for the link to your thesis. We are newcomers to OpenGeoSys - just trying to get our heads around generating the input files. We want to compare OpenGeoSys with a very old 2D (RZ) finite element code that we have been using for modelling deep coaxial systems.

I see that you are also working on a Wellbore Simulator.

Regards and thanks - might have some more questions.

Robin (Curtis)

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Chaofan - we are still here - and slowly moving forward with the tools to change the geometry and mesh of the 3D CoAxial model. In your .prj file is there a simple way to have an output file that records the CoAx inlet and outlet temperatures at each time step ?

Which reference document would have this kind of information? We should be capable of doing this ourselves !!

Thanks - Robin

Hi Robin,

Sorry for the late reply. I think the simple way to record the inlet and outlet temperatures is to use the python script, but I have never test it. Please refer to Python Boundary Conditions

Best regards,

Chaofan -

Thanks for replying. We are still surprised that it is not possible to output two defined temperatures (Inlet and Outlet) at each time step - using a simple command in the .prj file…

Yeah… I notice recently @thomas.fischer implemented some nice features about the output. I am not sure if the new feature of the output can be applied in BHE simulation, to output temperatures from one point of the 3D domain.

Have fun with OGS…

Best regards,