3d flow + aquifer deformation

Hi, I’m currently working on a thesis whose objective is objective is the simulation of threee-dimensional displacements caused by groundwater withdrawal. Is this coupling (flow in 3d domain + deformation) actually implemented in OpenGeoSys? Alternatively, which geomechanical model can i coupled to OGS?

Hi, from what you have mentioned, I guess a coupled Richards flow mith mechanics process would be fitting your purposes. Though I’d start with fully saturated simulations with hydro-mechanical process.

Some documentation on how to get OGS up and running is here https://www.opengeosys.org/docs/userguide/basics/introduction/. The relevant benchmarks are, for example:

For available constitutive relations have a look in the project file tags documentation (at least the names) like for Lubby2 model: https://doxygen.opengeosys.org/de/d61/ogs_file_param__material__solid__constitutive_relation__lubby2