3d mesh generation

Could you tell me why this happened always when I tried to make 3D mesh from 2D mesh?
I just use DEM and set the identical pixel size between mesh and the dem.
please just let me know the reason and how to solve it. ASAP

Hi Peter,

which command (i.e. exact command-line) did you use for the conversion?
Or did you use the Data Explorer?

Without seeing your input data it might be hard to judge what went wrong.

In your screenshot it looks like the elevation does not even point in the z direction, which is pretty strange.

I used the Data Explorer(ver 6.4.3).
Thanks for your replying,
I used data explorer(6.0.0 beta, because of usage for cnd modelling).

Here’s I encounterd some strange problem regardless question above.
I made a inclined surface(30 degree) to make 3d mesh, for river flow.
But When I was trying to make 3D mesh, I couldn’t make surface-based 3d mesh…

How can I make 3D mesh correctly, without seperated surface(figure) from mesh so that model could be compiled?