"abdul_lab" in the "COUPLED_FLOW" directory of OGS5 benchmark

Dear all,

I am trying to replicate the simulation results of “abdulLab” in the benchmark directory “COUPLED_FLOW”. Actually, I have successfully replicated the simulation results several years ago when I was as UFZ. However, when I use the ogs5.7 to redo the simulations today, I cannot produce the correct results (please see the attached figure below).

I didn’t change the original input files, but the results are not correct. The simulation results are not good because: (1) The flux should be at around 80 cm3/min, but the simulation result is way below this value; (2) It seem that the model suffers from some numerical oscillations.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem? I have attached all the input files and excutable ogs file (in Windows platform) in the abdulLab.zip file. I would be very grateful if you could help me solve this problem.
abdulLab.zip (29.9 KB)