Ammer catchment data sets


As my first steps in learning OGS, I would like to run the example described in chapter 5 of the 2017 OGS tutorial ‘OGS.Tutorial-Computational.Hydrology.I-Groundwater.Flow.Modelling.pdf’ (Ammer Catchment). Some files listed in Table 2 are available in the ogs-6.3.3-Tests-Data directory, but not all. Could someone provide me with the link to download all the required files?

Thank you

All files required to run the described experiments are linked on the website for this tutorial:

Please keep in mind that simulation in this book was done with OpenGeoSys-5. The current version handles a number of things differently and some of the file formats have also changed. So while you can still build a model and simulate groundwater flow using OGS-6, the workflow presented in the tutorial may not be valid anymore at some of the stages.