Announcement: ogs6py 0.34 / VTUinterface 0.69 / NetCDFinterpolate 0.1

With the publication in JOSS ogs6py and VTUInterface can now be cited via its DOI: 10.21105/joss.03673.
During the last months, lots of new feature were added.


  • a log file parser was added, transforming logs into pandas dataframes
  • some replace and add functions were added. E.g., allowing the user to easily replace meshes updating all occurrences in the input file.
  • functionalities were added for dealing with xml includes
  • ogs6py can now deal with containers and wrapper commands like mpirun
  • bugfixes


  • VTUinterface has now support for VTK’s interpolation capabilities (one can chose between scipy and VTK)
  • Cell methods were added. Cell data can now be used in the same manner as point data for interpolation based on cell center points.
  • VTUinterface has now support for parallel (PVTU) files

For big meshes, the XDMF format is more suitable, as it is leading to less and much smaller files, also allowing for more efficient post-processing. This can be done, e.g., with NetCDFInterpolate which provides a similar interface as VTUinterface to netcdf data and scipy’s interpolation methods. However, it is in its early stages and does not have documentation yet.