Applying ST to curved boundaries in OGS 5?


I am looking to apply a ST to the DEFORMATION process on a curved surface. I tried defining the surface using polylines (see Yellow surface) and using the $DISPLACEMENT_N keyword but that doesn’t work.

I then tried to segment my curved surface in multiple flat surfaces (see dotted red outline) and applying the ST to each… but I get odd results… I think the ST might be cumulatively added to some nodes.

I am aware that this particular problem can be solved using the axisymmetric solution, but I have another mesh where that does not work.

I would like to know if:

A) This is doable in OGS 5 and how to do it if it is.
B) If this is doable in OGS 6.

Thank you so much for your help.

I can only answer for OGS6. The domain where source terms or boundary conditions should be specified can be described using meshes. These meshes need to contain special data arrays - bulk_node_ids, bulk_face_ids and bulk_element_ids. These special data arrays ensure the proper setting of source terms / boundary conditions. More motivation / explanation can be found here. The data arrays can be generated by constructMeshFromGeometry, extractBoundary, extractSurface or identifySubdomains.

Thank you Thomas. I will have a look at these tools and come back here if I am struggling.