AttributeError: module 'ogs' has no attribute 'BoundaryCondition'

Dear OGS Community,

I am in the process of following the video tutorial made available on the website under the Tools & Workflows section (Video Tutorial). However, I have encountered difficulties while attempting to execute one of the steps in Part 2.

When attempting to generate the “Glacier Evolution” graph, I encountered the following error within the command: “AttributeError: module ‘ogs’ has no attribute ‘BoundaryCondition’”, as shown bellow:

XXX@YYY-PC MINGW64 ~/gitprojects/source/repos
$ ~/Documents/Programas/ogs-py/ogs-py2/bin/ogs -l debug OGSinput_basin.prj
info: This is OpenGeoSys-6 version 6.4.4.
info: OGS started on 2023-08-16 11:25:40-0300.
info: Reading project file C:\Users\XXX\gitprojects\source\repos\OGSinput_basin.prj.
debug: Project configuration from file ‘OGSinput_basin.prj’ read.
debug: Reading multiple meshes.
debug: Reading mesh file ‘mesh_basin_domain.vtu’.
debug: Reading mesh file ‘mesh_basin_physical_group_Left.vtu’.
debug: Reading mesh file ‘mesh_basin_physical_group_Right.vtu’.
debug: Reading mesh file ‘mesh_basin_physical_group_Bottom.vtu’.
debug: Reading mesh file ‘mesh_basin_physical_group_Top.vtu’.
debug: The search length for mesh ‘mesh_basin_domain’ is 1.000000e-09.
error: AttributeError: module ‘ogs’ has no attribute ‘BoundaryCondition’


info: OGS terminated on 2023-08-16 11:25:41-0300.
error: OGS terminated with error.

In the code of the ‘’ file, I needed to modify the command ‘import OpenGeoSys’ to ‘import ogs’ because my computer couldn’t locate OpenGeoSys. Could this be due to the name I used when downloading the file?

After making the above change, I encountered the error reported in this post.

Any assistance you can provide in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

You need to download or compile OGS with python bindings.
For the binaries, see OpenGeoSys 6.4.4
It should be OpenGeoSys. This is used only internally.