Carbonate Rock Matrix Acidizing Study ??

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Are there any kind-hearted people who can answer my questions and clarify my doubts…Thank you all. I desperately need everyone’s help.

I am a petroleum engineering scholar. Recently, I have been studying the matrix acidizing of carbonate reservoirs, that is, injecting hydrochloric acid into carbonate reservoir formations, analyzing the changes in reservoir permeability and the distribution of acid solubility in the reservoir after the reaction of hydrochloric acid and carbonate rocks, and the skin factor near the wellbore (i.e. the near-well zone) after injecting hydrochloric acid. The main content involved is related to acid-rock reactions in underground reservoirs.

I have just been introduced to this software through a friend. I want to know if this software can be used to study acid-rock reactions in underground reservoirs and thus achieve my research goals.

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Calvin Scott