CMake error with older OGS version


I am trying to configure OGS6.3.1 using CMake 3.21.4 (Conan 1.42.2) and got an error message below:

After some searching, I realized that it may be conan community is outdated. So I typed the following commands:
conan remote remove conan-community
conan remote update bincrafters
Now I got a new error message as below:

I wonder if I should downgrade anything, or?

PS. in case you wonder why I need to bother with the older version: I have a local branch that was developed from this version. I only want to make some small changes and build a new exe. This is why I tend not to rebase (too many conflicts) at the moment.

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Attachment: full cmake log (3.8 KB)

It’s OK. I rebased. You can neglect this post.