Could not run "ccmake ."

Dear OGS uses
i newbie using OGS, my OGS worked normal but since i have crash the system with TTY1 last month, now i want to run “ccmake .” but it looks broke and the bash : command not found.
i tried to remove and install cmake and do again but same result.

anyone could help me to solve this problem.

thank you for help

What is your operating system? If it is Ubuntu then run:

sudo apt-get install cmake-curses-gui

i used Ubuntu thank bilke
you save my life.

the gui now worked done.
but i can not configure it.
since different version cmake and ccmake.

i used cmake version 3.15.6
and ccmake version 3.10.2

i dont know how to update ccmake version above 3.10.

hopw you could help me

You may try to uninstall both cmake and ccmake and the re-install it with the instructions provided here:

This will give up-to-date cmake binaries.