Empty jacobian assembled with a stagger scheme

Hi all, I am trying to use compensate_non_equilibrium_initial_residuum tag in my project file with a staggered scheme. However, after initialization, the error happens:

 critical: /mnt/e/OGS-THMPF/ogs/ProcessLib/VectorMatrixAssembler.cpp:180 assembleWithJacobian()
[0] warning: There are still 4 global vectors in use. This might be an indicator of a possible waste of memory.
[0] error: No Jacobian has been assembled! This might be due to programming errors in the local assembler of the current process.

It seems that some jacobian matrixes are empty. I checked another prj in the Hydromechanics module which also applies the staggered scheme and the compensation process worked well. I have no idea what is wrong, can anyone give me some advice? Thank you!