Error“invalid map<K, T> key” when running ogs6.3.0

I want to learn ogs6.3.0 and I followed the Benchmark-Project of KineticReactant2.prj,I have changed the *gml and *vtu files, the rest of the parameter settings have not changed.

But when I running the model, it hint error: invalid map<K, T> key.

I have questions about the key<K,T>, what’s it meaning and should I provide some map about the key? I do not know how to solve it

Thanks in advance

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Hi Xiaowen,

Your error message is not clear to me. Could you please upload your input files all?

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Renchao (6.6 MB)

I have uploaded my input files, thank you very much for taking a look at it for me when you have time.

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Dear Xiaowen,

Below is the screen-out message during the runtime:
warning: The maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh is 2. As the given number of porous media definitions in the project file is 1, the maximum value of MaterialIDs in mesh must be 1 (index starts with zero).

The data array of MaterialIDs included in your own .vtu file is 1, which shall be set to zero.

Best, Renchao

Dear Renchao

I have solved the problem, Thank you very much!

Best, Xiaowen