error message: could not initialize process pointer

Hi all!

I have set up a 3D Richards flow model. After OGS reads all input files,
I get the following error message:

COutput::init(): could not initialize process pointer (process type
INVALID_PROCESS) and appropriate mesh
COutput::init(): trying to fetch process pointer using msh_type_name ...

The model is running anyway and the results seem to be correct. I am
wondering what this error message means and where it comes from? Does
anyone have an idea?

I already run the model with and without the keyword $PCS_TYPE
RICHARDS_FLOW in the mesh file.

Attached you find my process file and an extract of my mesh file
(I had to delete some points and elements (...), the original mesh file has a size of 12 MB. Tell me if you need the whole file.)

Thanks in advance.


simple.pcs (59 Bytes)

simple.msh (4.38 KB)

Please check $RELOAD key word in rf_psc.cpp. Does it support RICHARDS_FLOW or DEFORMATION? In my opinion, it works well with DEFORMATION only.


GeoSys-FEM Function:

06/2006 YD Implementation

02/2008 JOD removed

03/2008 HS/KG activated for adaptive time step

Reload primary variable


void CRFProcess::PrimaryVariableReload()


//  char pcsT;

//  pcsT = _pcs_type_name[0];

//  switch(pcsT){

//    case 'L':

//      break;

//    case 'U':

//      break;

//    case 'G':

//      break;

//    case 'T':

//      break;

//    case 'C':

//      break;

//    case 'M':

//      PrimaryVariableReloadTransport();

//      break;

//    case 'R': // Richards flow

//      PrimaryVariableReloadRichards();

//      break;

//  }

switch (this->getProcessType())


	case FiniteElement::MASS_TRANSPORT:



	case FiniteElement::RICHARDS_FLOW:







Moreover,I am not sure what do you mean by

$RELOAD 3 100

if (reload == 1 || reload == 3)

$RELOAD 0 Do Nothing

1 Read

2 Read what has already written

3 ?