Error: The property type 'Relative Permeability NonWetting VanGenuchten' was not recognized

Hi all,
I am trying to use VanGenuchtenMualem model of relative permeability for the non-wetting phase in my OGS6 prj file. It is under the <media_properties_property> path as a medium property. The details of it can be seen in the below link:
My original code is like:

> <property>
>     <name>relative_permeability_nonwetting_phase</name>
>     <type>RelativePermeabilityNonWettingVanGenuchten</type>
>     <residual_liquid_saturation>0.19</residual_liquid_saturation>
>     <residual_gas_saturation>0.01</residual_gas_saturation>
>     <min_relative_permeability>1.e-9</min_relative_permeability>
>     <exponent>0.2915</exponent>
> </property>

However, when I ran the ogs.exe, some error happened:

> critical: D:/OGS6/OGS6_SourceCode/source_code_2/ogs-master/MaterialLib/MPL/CreateProperty.cpp:291 `anonymous-namespace'::createProperty()
> error: The specified component property type 'RelativePermeabilityNonWettingVanGenuchten' was not recognized
> info: OGS terminated on 2022-05-05 22:02:43+0800.
> error: OGS terminated with error.

The VanGenuchten model of relative permeability can be applied for wetting phase successfully, but it can’t work on non-wetting phase…I am very confused. It could be a stylistic error, I am not sure.
I hope someone can give me some advice.

Should be fixed in [MPL/doc] Fix naming of the documentation file (!4138) · Merge requests · ogs / ogs

Use RelativePermeabilityNonWettingPhaseVanGenuchtenMualem in the project file.

Hi naumov,
Thanks a lot. The code can work normally now.