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Hello all.
I am looking for the exercises related to the book Basics of Heat Transport Processes
in Geothermal Systems (B¨ ottcher N, Watanabe N, Kolditz O). There is a table (Table 1: Exercises overview - Chapter 4) which listed 5 exercises. There is a link ( that lead to the first exercise but the link seems doesn’t work. I supose that the other exercises are in same situation.
If somebody knows where can I find this exercises I will really apreciate the guidance for finding them.


Hello Elkin,

sorry for the dead link. It will be fixed. In the meantime just head over to http://localhost:1313/books/geoenergy-modeling-i/.

Dear Bilke.
Thanks for your message.

I think that the new link has the same problem: connexion refused.
I tested the link in Mozilla and Chrome. I attached the results.


Sorry my fault, I posted the wrong link. This one should be correct:

Hello Bilke.
Thank you very much for your email and sorry for delaying my answer.
I was verifying the files and information.

Your guide was very useful. My confusion was in the file names: the file names in the book (pdf format) do not correspond to the file names in the zip file (related to the link). I did the exercise of reviewing file by file in contrast to the book information. Some of them are slightly different and others have differences in data but, essentially, all of them model the same process exposed in the book.

In spite of that, I am not sure if the book “Geoenergy Modeling I – Geothermal Processes in Fractured Porous Media” exists. I mean, if you use the link you can download this book (apparently) but if you check the book title in the pdf it is completely different (Basics of Heat Transport Processes in Geothermal Systems). Do you know if the fractured porous media book is available?

Thanks for your guidence and time.
Best regards,


Yes sorry, the pdf link is wrong! I fixed it!