First ogstools release!

It is my pleasure to announce the first release of ogstools, our recently started effort to build a collection of Python tools aimed at evolving into a modeling toolchain around OpenGeoSys.

Current version number is 0.0.3 (we had some test release before). I am thanking Dominik Kern for contributing msh2vtu as a first tool and Christoph Lehmann for feedback on setting up the infrastructure.

We are looking forward for future contributions from the community!


ogstools 0.0.3 Release Notes

This is the first release of the ogstools-package, a joint effort of OGS users and developers to strengthen the OGS ecosystem!



The msh2vtu-tool by Dominik Kern (TU Bergakademie Freiberg) has been integrated into ogstools. For more info see the docs. Its former repository at GitHub dominik-kern/msh2vtu has been deprecated and development continues under the ogstools umbrella.


Documentation web site

This documentation website has been implemented and is available at

Unit testing and style checks

A tox-based test driver for unit tests and style checks has been implemented. See the docs for more info.