Fivespot test

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I was reading reference papers on fivespot test, and one of them is by Wenqing Wang (2015). It is basically H2M type example; without external force, the mechanical response due to waterflood. For this example, I have also found the benchmark input files and attached them. However, the simulation stopped after 2nd step with messages as follows

outer coupling loop 2/2 complete

maximum coupling error (relative to tolerance) 2.24639e13

From the error message, it seems it is a coupling related issue associated with the *.num file. Any idea, what is wrong in the fivespot.num?



Five Spot-Wenqing Wang.pdf (274 KB)

five.bc (1.43 KB)

five.gli (1.89 KB)

five.ic (343 Bytes)

five.mfp (716 Bytes)

five.mmp (502 Bytes)

five.msh (183 KB)

five.num (875 Bytes)

five.out (11.9 KB)

five.pcs (266 Bytes)

five.rfd (11.2 KB) (65 Bytes)

five.tim (505 Bytes)


Wang, W. (2015) " Consolidation Under Two-Phase Flow Condition: Five Spot Example, in Thermo-Hydro-MechanicalChemical Processes in Fractured Porous Media: Modelling and Benchmarking Closed-Form Solutions, Edited by Kolditz et al., Springer "


GeoSys-MSP: Material Solid Properties ------------------------------------



1 0. ; “initial effective stresses are all zero by omitting the gravity force”, WW(2015, Page 243)




1 3.5e+10