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[Fwd: Re: Version Request - OGS 5.3]

Dear OGS users / developers,

version 5.3 is released.

Release notes: https://svn.ufz.de/ogs/wiki/ReleaseNotes

Executables: https://svn.ufz.de/hudson/job/Release_Executables/21


Lars Bilke


Am 18.04.2012 11:09, schrieb Karsten Rink:

Nori, with all due respect, do you expect us to write extensive release notes prior to the version so you can approve those changes?

If you take a look at the official release notes you will see that even final release notes of OGS tend to be … sparse … at best (with the exception of Josh’s version) and I honestly don’t see why think we need to justify our version request without a reason based on substantial facts or concerns.
If you are interested in changes to specific files, please take a look at the changelog Tom attached to his last e-mail.

I would appreciate to have the opinion of Olaf on the general issue because I really don’t know how to react appropriately to your request.


Norihiro Watanabe schrieb:

To make it efficient, please give me a summary of changes because you request changes. Generally I would like to know the following information about any version requests,

(1) what features do you add or change?
(2) why do you change?
(3) where or which module do you change?

I think your last emails don’t provide enough information about (1) and (2).


On 18.04.2012 10:21, Thomas Fischer wrote:

On 17.04.2012 17:51, Norihiro Watanabe wrote:

Dear Karsten,

Is it right you are making major changes since you increment the major
version number from 5.2.x to 5.3.x? Could you please provide us more
specific information about what you are going to change in the new
version? Otherwise I cannot see what will be affected by this changes
and whether I should oppose it or not.

Best regards,

Dear Norihiro,

how are major changes defined? Maybe you get a general idea from the
list of files we changed (see attachment ChangesFiles.txt). The
requested more specific information can be found in the attached file
Changes.txt. Do you think these are major changes?
As Karsten wrote in his last mail, we completely changed the mesh
generation and the mapping of meshes to data as well as the generation
of structural models. In addition we included a number of new interfaces
for reading file formats and there are many changes to the GUI
(especially concerning handling of boundary condition / source terms), etc.

Do not hesitate to ask more specific questions.

Best regards

Olaf Kolditz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. (TU Dresden)
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Lars Bilke

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