Getting gmsh for Data Explorer on linux

Hi folks,

I know OGS5 is not supported but before downloading and compiling OGS6 on my Debian 10 platform, which is probably going to take me a while, I wanted to try OGS5 with the existing binaries I have downloaded (OGS+Data Exploerer). I’m using the Groundwater Flow example and got stuck on the meshing as I have to tell the Data Explorer where the gmsh exec is. I was looking for a gmsh binary where I downloaded the OGS5 linux binaries but there doesn’t seem to be one. Am I missing something?


Hi gigatux,

you are right, there is no Gmsh in any OGS distribution but especially on linux systems it is easy to install one from the packages provided by Debian in your case.

I guess something along this lines should work:

sudo apt install gmsh

For reference see Debian -- Details of package gmsh in buster and

– d