Heat transport by a fluid in a vertical fracture

Hello everyone,

I am modelling the heat transport by a fluid in a vertical fracture.

When I launch the simulation, it starts well and then stops (apparently working on it) but no more message in the command prompt.

At the same time my computer freezes and cannot do anything unless I forcibly shut it down and restart.

Attached are my input files.

Could anyone please tell me if something is not alright?

I use OGS5 on Windows10.



HK2-2000.out (130 Bytes)

HK2-2000.bc (300 Bytes)

HK2-2000.gli (773 Bytes)

HK2-2000.ic (272 Bytes)

HK2-2000.mfp (370 Bytes)

HK2-2000.mmp (722 Bytes)

HK2-2000.msh (3.75 KB)

HK2-2000.num (327 Bytes)

HK2-2000.pcs (104 Bytes)

HK2-2000.st (294 Bytes)

HK2-2000.tim (94 Bytes)

HK2-2000msp.txt (296 Bytes)