How to apply triangular linear distribution load to slope

Dear sir/madam,
how to add hydrostatic pressure (triangular linear distribution load) to the slope, as the figure shows below. There is little description for the load direction. How to modify the “slope.prj” file locate at “Tests\Data\Mechanics\MohrCoulombAbboSloan” to meet this requirement, many thanks.

at the slopefoot you could apply a simple Neumann BC like how it is done at the top.
For the segment of the slope itself you would first need to define the geometry in slope.gml on which this linear distributed load is applied. Using a NormalTraction BC you then should be able to apply the force with the correct direction. And by using a function expression you should be able to specify the linear distribution. Something like this should work:

        x0 := 3;
        x1 := 7.5;
        p_max := ???;
        p_max * (x - x0) / (x1 - x0);