How to use python to determine parameters of water?

Dear all,
The parameters of water, or called the equation of state (EOS) of water, are usually changing with respect to the pressure and temperature of water. For example, the density of water, the specific heat capacity of water, etc.
I don’t find a python case in this webpage OGS: [tag] parameter. So, I want to ask whether OGS6 allows us to use some librarys in Python to determine the parameters of water? Because I think the parameters of water should be updated in each step according to the pressure and temperature that are just calculated in the previous step.

Actually, I find some python embeded into OGS6, but it is only used to define the boundary conditions. OGS: [tag] python_script

Dear Rui Feng,
the current selection for parameter types does not include python parameters, as you already found out. Python bindings are available only for boundary conditions and source terms so far.
It would be a nice extension to OGS though.

In general, it would be a nice feature. However, for standard liquids like water, I would prefer splined hardcoded tables. Maybe also something we should put on a todo list.

Could you give more details about splined hardcoded tables? How to use it in OGS6?

That was just a suggestion for implementation in reply to @dmitri.naumov, which is why I said it would be a good idea to put that on a todo list. So, nothing that an be used right now.

Since one month, there is the possibility to use a general function for variable dependent MPL properties (MR: !3640.
E.g., something like

                          <expression>1000.1 * (1 - (-6*10^-6 * (temperature-273.15)^4 + 0.001667 * (temperature-273.15)^3 + -0.197796 * (temperature-273.15)^2 + 16.86446 * (temperature-273.15) - 64.319951)/10^6*(temperature-293.15) + 4.5999999999999996e-10 * (max(phase_pressure, 0.0) - 1e5))</expression>
                                <expression>-1000.1 * ((-6*10^-6 * (temperature-273.15)^4 + 0.001667 * (temperature-273.15)^3 + -0.197796 * (temperature-273.15)^2 + 16.86446 * (temperature-273.15) - 64.319951)/10^6+(-6*10^-6 * 4 * (temperature-273.15)^3 + 0.001667 * 3 * (temperature-273.15)^2 + -0.197796 * 2 * (temperature-273.15) + 16.86446 )/10^6*(temperature-293.15))</expression>
                                <expression>max(sgn(phase_pressure),0)* 1000.1 * 4.5999999999999996e-10</expression>

for water should do the trick.