HT process : running problem + questions

Hello everyone,
I have an issue running a 2D model with HT process. (718.1 KB)

  1. When i launch the model, it works I don’t have any error message but at some point (very early on) the timestep decrease a lot. And when I look at the temperature data generated I think the problem comes from a specific node (node 4580) that present a anormal temperature of ~700 °C at time = ~3.6e+10 s. I don’t understand why ? (I already used the same viscosity and density laws on another benchmark and it worked)

  2. not a problem but I was also wondering if there is a way to extract a heat flux in a border of a 2D model with OGS, for example the top border ? something like calculatesurfaceflux but not for a surface but a line ?

  3. also I was wondering how i could implement a heat production condition in the whole model (μW/m3) ?

Thanks !

No help needed anymore. I fixed the issue.