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I'm a beginner and I have problem with runing of OGS, I need help please

Hi dears.
I need help to run ogs, I cant do anything. please help me how I can start?


Check out https://www.opengeosys.org/docs/

Thanks for your guidance.

I followed the steps but when I run every benchmark, I see an error which is about process type and it’s unknown for ogs.
what do you think about this error?

Which exact error? Which OGS version did you use?

error: unknown process type: STEADY_STATE_DIFFUSION at ProjectData.cpp, line 957.

I use the latest version 6.3.0
And I ran a simple benchmark in Elliptic file which I downloaded from Documents.

Best Regards.

Thanks, the process was renamed recently. Please use the benchmark files which were tagged for the release you use:


Thanks a lot.

I have an idea which is using the last version of ogs 5 that its benchmarks and tutorial books are more available. do you agree this idea?

OGS 5 is not in active development anymore but feel free to use it.

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