I'm a beginner and I have problem with runing of OGS, I need help please

Hi dears.
I need help to run ogs, I cant do anything. please help me how I can start?


Check out https://www.opengeosys.org/docs/

Thanks for your guidance.

I followed the steps but when I run every benchmark, I see an error which is about process type and it’s unknown for ogs.
what do you think about this error?

Which exact error? Which OGS version did you use?

error: unknown process type: STEADY_STATE_DIFFUSION at ProjectData.cpp, line 957.

I use the latest version 6.3.0
And I ran a simple benchmark in Elliptic file which I downloaded from Documents.

Best Regards.

Thanks, the process was renamed recently. Please use the benchmark files which were tagged for the release you use:


Thanks a lot.

I have an idea which is using the last version of ogs 5 that its benchmarks and tutorial books are more available. do you agree this idea?

OGS 5 is not in active development anymore but feel free to use it.

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Hi bilke,
I have problem in opening the prompt line window so as to when i click on “ogs.exe” icon, no window pops up. I thought the connection between user and OGS is similar to FLAC3D, yet it does not seem.

Also, I download the latest version through https://www.opengeosys.org/releases/.
What should I do after download?
Should it be installed?

Thank you for your time

Hi @r.habibi12,

ogs is a command-line application so there is now window a graphical user interface. Check out the user guide for instructions on running ogs:


Hi @bilke
I am trying a tutorial from book OpenGeoSys “Tutorial Basics of Heat Transport Processes in Geothermal Systems” (Heat conduction in a semi-infinite domain). But when I run ogs in cmd, it needs .prj file. In fact, in the book it did not written about the prj file.


Hello Dian,
That tutorial is based on the previous version of OGS (OGS-5). You can download it from this link https://www.opengeosys.org/releases/#ogs-5 .

Thanks @Laxman.
But it said OGS 5 is not in active development anymore.
Do you have any book recommendations or link for OGS6 tutorial? Actually I want to do geothermal reservoir modeling using OGS.

Hello Dian,
You are right, the OGS 5 is not in active development anymore, but you are free to use it if you want.
For learning OGS-6 these two resources will be helpful.
OGS-6 Documentation: https://www.opengeosys.org/docs/.
Book based on OGS-6: https://www.opengeosys.org/books/models-of-thermochemical-heat-storage/