I'm a beginner and I I have encountered an issue with using OGS Data Explorer, Help me! Please!

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner and a graduate student in hydrology. I am currently following a tutorial on OpenGeoGIS to learn how to use it.The tutorial is “Computational Hydrology: I Groundwater Flow Modeling”. In the document’s case study: Ammer Catchment. I’ve encountered an issue in Section 5.6.1:Surface Meshing.
Following the instructions provided in the tutorial:Settings → Data Explorer Settings → Path to GMSH. I couldn’t find “Mesh Generation” under “Tools.” I am not sure if I have successfully linked GMSH with OGS DataExplorer.I also noticed that the version of OGS DataExplorer used in the tutorial is different from the version I am currently using.

In my current version,there is a “Mesh Generation” option in the toolbar. I performed the following steps: mesh generation → Create 2D Mesh From Input Data.Then, I added all available geometries as instructed in the tutorial.Unexpected things happened,the errors occurred.

the error is that the point at (3491227 5389929 0) is not part of a polyline, and won’t be used in the meshing as a constraint, lf you want to include it in the mesh please create a observation/measurement station for the point and include it additional in the meshing process.

This is just one of many errors, but all errors are similar.I also noticed that if only the geometries “Boundary_polygon,” “Ammer_River_polyline,” “Kaesbach_River_polyline,” and “Kochart_River_polyline” are added, the mesh can be generated.However, this is inconsistent with the tutorial.

I earnestly request everyone’s assistance.this is crucial for me and I am eager to resolve this issue.I appreciate everyone’s help in advance.

Dear Wang,

I just tested it and you have to select “read as station points” when uploading the shapefile of the wells.
This contrary to what is stated in the book, but the book is quite old and it seems you are using a recent OpenGeoSys DataExplorer Version. I tested it with recent version 6.5 + Gmsh 4.8.4

In general, I would suggest to decide to learn OpenGeoSys 6 if you want to simulate groundwater flow and transport problems. The tutorial is written for OGS5 which is outdated and has limited support

Best Regards


Dear Erik

Thank you very much for your response. Your words are absolutely true,the tutorial is outdated. I spent a sea of time to solve the issue. Finally, I found an old OpenGeoSys DataExplorer version, the issue has been solved. now, my study has made new progress.I’m learning "Computational Hydrology:Ⅱ " and “Computational Hydrology: Ⅲ”. though i meet a lot of challenges in my studies,i am still sparing no effort to find solutions through Discourse and researching informations.
I sincerely appreciate for your help. Best wishes for you!

Best Regards