Issues about source-terms

Hi Everyone,

Recently I was following the benchmark of groundwater flow to build my model, but when I increase the key <source_terms>, the model has some errors when it was running.

It hint me: error: The required bulk node ids map does not exist in the source term mesh ‘xiaoguhe’. at CreateSourceTerm.cpp, line 54. I had tried to change the mesh and type(line orVolumetric) , the same thing happens. I wonder why the mesh cann’t map nodes, do I need make other mesh file?

Best Regards
Xiaowen (6.6 MB)

Hi Xiaowen,

what exactly is your source term? If it is a well (nodal type), then either you have to specify its coordinates in the gml file and refer to it in the prj file like your other geometrical entities, or you have to create a separate mesh for that single node and refer to it like what you just did. You can’t mix both.
BTW, the naming of the gml file is a bit confused with ogs5, simply “xxx.gml” would be sufficient.