Issues running project file - Higher order elements


I’m having some issues running a project file. I’m essentially running the simple square benchmark file, ‘Mechanics/Linear/square_1e0.prj’, except I’m using a geometry and mesh I’ve made from GMSH.

When I run the file, I get the following error: You are trying to build a local assembler for an unknown mesh element type (class MeshLib::TemplateElement). Maybe you have disabled this mesh element type in your build configuration or this process requires higher order elements. at LocalDataInitializer.h, line 235

I can’t upload files as a new user but here is a google drive link of my .prj, .gml, .vtu, and GMSH files.



Hi Eric,

it seems you have overlaying lower order elements in your mesh.
When creating a FEM mesh, GMSH creates line elements from your lines defined in the *.geo file. You have to manually remove these line elements.
You can use the OGS-Explorer to do this.