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Issues with GMSH mesh

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to run the Richard flow 2D examples with my own mesh file generated using GMSH but it gives following error.

I used following procedure while creating mesh file
1- GMSH script
2- Saved it as .msh (V2 ASCII)>convert to .vtu using OGS2MSH
Apart form that I have used the project file form the example and did not changed anything.

Here are the input file. Richard2D.zip (162.7 KB)

There is a difference between the RichardsFlow and the RichardsMechanics process in OGS6. The project file is for a RichardsMechanic process. As far as I know the RichardsMechanics process needs a mesh with higher order elements. You can use the OGS6 tool createQuadraticMesh to generate a mesh with quadratic-order elements.

Thank you Thomas. This problem is solved now.