Keyword Reference Manual OGS6?

Is there a link to a Reference Manual for OGS-6 keywords and their parameters ?


depending on what exactly are you looking for those places may be of interest to you:
Parameters block in project file
User guide to the project file
Doxygen documentation

Doxygen has a bit awkward navigation but has best coverage. User guide is less complete, but more accessible, especially to new users.

If there are specific parameters that are of interest to you, I can point you to the relevant page directly.


Feliks -
Thank you for replying. We are trying to find our way around in OpenGeoSys. We are trying to set up the pre-processing tools (mesh and geometry) to allow us to adapt one of the benchmarks. All we want to do at the moment is to include in the .prj file a command to open a file, and record two temperatures at each time step…(Should be simple !!)
Thanks / regards