Licensing / Permits

My question is related to the involvement of OGS-5, OGS-6, and OGS Data Explorer in commercial activities. I am a little bit confused so far. I am not sure if I could use OGS-5, OGS-6, and OGS Data Explorer as part of my tools for consulting services (for example, designing client models in OGS-5 within my services orders) or if I could use all three (5,6, Data Explorer) as tools for reservoir simulation courses (not a OGS course, a reservoir simulation course running some exercises using OGS + other programs or software).

I would really appreciate your comments, guidelines and advice about these questions.

Hi Elkinsan,

speaking about OGS-6 (and included therein Data Explorer) you can use the code for your activities. The code itself is subject to the BSD-3 license.
If you use other libraries, like Intel-MKL for the PardisoLU linear solver, Intel’s license will apply additionally—probably not free for commercial usage.

It would be great if you would mention OGS in journal articles or books (chapters) when using OGS—there is DOI for the software releases on the gitlab page and also our publications for citations.

OGS-5 license is slightly different: ogs5/LICENSE.txt at master · ufz/ogs5 · GitHub

– d