Linux binaries available of branch 6.3.3 with bugfixes?

Dear all,

Is there a reason no Linux binaries are available for the recently launched branch 6.3.3 with bugfixes?

It would be useful, especially since now with WSL2 any Windows user can run the Linux version, which I have found more efficient for some processes.

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Dear Jaime,

thanks for bringing this up!

Yes we removed the Linux binaries as direct downloads on the website some time ago as they were very unreliable: on some system they ran on some not. This is because we do not package all dependencies of the binaries. So on a similar system (same OS version) they run but else they do not.

As an alternative we provide Singularity container images which contain OGS and all the utilities. They run natively on every Linux, Mac and also on Windows if you use WSL or another virtual machine. So I recommend you to try Singularity in WSL on Windows. Check the docs for usage.

If you feel adventurous you can also try to run the native Linux binaries. They are created by the CI system and can be found here:

For current master the binaries can be downloaded too:

Dear Lars,

Thank you for your thorough response. I was not aware of this. I will try first the Linux binaries you shared!

Nevertheless, maybe it could be useful (for Windows users) to point out somewhere in the docs that performance is increased when running OGS in WSL instead of the Windows version (Iā€™m not sure if this applies for all processes).


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That is interesting! How much is the performance increase you have experienced? I never did a comparison in that regard. In the docs I just point out that the development setup on WSL is a bit easier than on native Windows.

So, for the benchmark:

I get, side by side, ~27 seconds executing in WSL2 and ~95 seconds in native Windows!

The difference becomes a little bit larger (I think) when using OGS#IPhreeqc but I cannot test that in Windows at the moment. In WSL I am using my own compiled version of the current master and in Windows the branch 6.3.3 with bugfixes.