Looking for multi-phase multi-component simulator... is OGS it?

I am looking to investigate a problem around the mixing of gases and water/brine in subsurface porous reservoirs.

I was wondering if OpenGeoSys could simulate the a multi-phase multi-component problem involving injection and production of a CO2-air mixture in/from the porous subsurface?

Because the gases will mix, is there a way to:
a) track the composition of the mixture (e.g. say 50% co2, 25% air and 25% water at a given location)
b) track the change in properties of the gas mixture. e.g have a function taking in the composition of the gas mixture and returning the density, van Genuchten parameters etc…

At this stage no change from gas to liquid phase and vice versa can be assumed.

Thank you for you time.

Thanks for your interest in OGS multiphase flow. Unfortunately, only two-component systems are allowed at the present stage. The benchmark problems include:

However there is a plan to implement multiphase systems with >2 components (with phase change) and will be carried out this year.

boyanmeng thank you for your reply and the information. I will be keeping an eye out for these changes. Best wishes.