Mass fraction of gas and mass fraction of liquid output in TH2M module

Hi all,
I want to know whether TH2M module of OGS6 can output the variation of mass_fraction_gas (xmCG) and mass_fraction_liquid (xmWL) in the .vtu file? If can, how can I realize it? I find that in the .prj file there are these two variables but they keep constant as 1 in all the benchmarks and the output files run by myself.
I hope someone can give me some advice.

The output of the mass or molar fractions should work; however, that is only for benchmarks that take the phase transition into account. For the ctests, these are so far only:
TH2/heatpipe and
H2/bourgeat or H2/continuous_injection.
In case of the heat pipe, only xmCG (mass fraction of gas component in gas phase) or xnCG (molar fraction) will be different from one, because in this example no dissolution is taken into account (water phase remains pure).
With the other two tests, there is no evaporation, so only xmWL (mass fraction of the water component in the water phase) changes (Gas phase remains pure).
All other benchmarks do not take any phase transition into account, so the mass fractions always remain one.
I hope this helps,
Best, Norbert

Hi Norbert,
Thanks for your reply. I have seen the benchmarks in the ctests. I have some other questions about phase transition and hope sincerely you could give me some advice. First, now I am using OGS 6.4.2 and if I want to take phase transition into account, I have to compile the newest OGS 6.4.3, right? Second, for all other benchmarks which do not take any phase transition into account, I notice that pressure and temperature boundary condition are set at the same time on a boundary. I wonder if it is a necessity for the set of boundary condition when phase transition is not considered? From my previous numerical results, without considering phase transition, the increase/drop of pressure will cause a ridiculous drop/increase of temperature when only pressure boundary condition (Dirichlet or Neumann) is set on a boundary.