Mesh Node search

New user. I have a mesh and I want to insert a borehole as a polyline from a geometry file without remeshing to include the line. I think in OGS5 you could use a search nearest node to assign boundary conditions associated with the polyline to the nearest nodes within the mesh and the mesh did not have to be meshed with the polyline. How would one do this in OGS6?

I am a new user of OGS6, and I have some suggestions about your question.
First, I think, in OGS6, the gml file is better to match your msh file. And if you want to insert a borehole, I suggest you try the Boolean command in Gmsh.
I have some similar files, you can download in this topic.Usage of the constructMeshesFromGeometry tool
More reference about Boolean in Gmsh, you can find in Gmsh manual and Youtube. I hope I can help you.


Thanks for your reply.
If I was creating the mesh from scratch your suggestion and links are very helpful. My issue is that I am exporting my mesh from GoCAD/Skua or Petrel and therefore the wells are not generally meshed as part of the model creation. Therefore I want to be able to add a polyline into the mesh to represent the borehole and to which I can create boundary conditions in OGS.
Hope that clarifies things.