Modelling a deep closed-loop geothermal system

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I’m new to OGS and would appreciate any guidance that you might be able to give on how to tackle a problem I am working on;

I’m modelling a deep closed-loop geothermal system comprising two vertical wells connected laterally toe to toe. I’ve been reading about the HEAT_TRANSPORT_BHE process as it looks to be somewhat close to what I’m trying to model, however, I’m not sure whether it’s possible to adapt it for my needs.

I would like to be able to get a read-out of how much thermal energy is transferred into the heat-bearing fluid from the surrounding rock at a given depth/temperature (and/or the fluid temperature achieved at surface). Is this possible to code into a polyline? I’d like to keep the model relatively simple.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who shares any thoughts on how to approach this.

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according to my understanding, I think there is a suitable reference related to the model:

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Thank you very much Chaofan. Apologies for the slow reply.
It looks like there’s some very useful information in that paper, thanks.