Modelling interface

Dear all,

I am trying to simulate a pile embeded in a clay layer under axisymmetric conditions. The pile is made of aluminium. However, I don’t know how to simulate the soil-structure interaction. Is there any predetermined way to do it in OGS, as for example to have Coulomb interaction for small deformation process? And what about hydro-mechanical and thermo-hydro-mechanical processes? Since I would like to further include pore water pressure and changes in temperature in the boundary conditions.

In case there is a way, could you please show me some example?

I would really appreciate your help :smiley:


Hi Maria, M/HM/THM simulations of different materials are possible, but we don’t have yet any options for slip conditions on material boundaries. There are some implementation ideas, but they are planned for end of the year.

A similar benchmarks would be Heat conduction with phase change (soil freezing around BHE) (though H-part with freezing is not yet implemented).

Hope, this helps.

– d

Thanks for your reply