Modelling with OGS6 - HeatConduction

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last few days I have been working on the simulation for HeatConduction and I wanted to create my own simulation model. But now I have the following problem.

Since I am still relatively new, I unfortunately have no clues. Could you help me here? I have also added the files.
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Yours sincerely,


Dear Kiratli,

from the warning message one can read that the mesh contains 6 different layers of material / 6 different porous media. For each of these material layers OpenGeoSys needs a material definition. OpenGeoSys can only find a definition for one material / porous medium in the project file. This can lead to problems in the simulation. For this reason the warning is written out. I suspect that the error message below the warning is such a problem.

In order to solve the issue you could add 5 additional material/medium definitions in the project file. These additional definitions do not have to be different. The easiest way is to add ids to the attribute id of the medium tag:

    <medium id="0,1,2,3,4,5">

Best regards,

Dear Fischer,

Thank you for your effort. Now the simulation works without a warning.

but when the problem was solved, i encountered a new problem. in my simulation i want to simulate heat transport in a 3d model. For this I have defined a Dirichlet condition on the surface and a Neumann condition in the subsurface. Unfortunately, this does not work as desired. Is it possible to take a look at this from your side?

Kind regards,