Multiphase Flow

Hi All,

I am exploring Multiphase Flow problem using OGS. I read following references:

  1. Kolditz, O., Gorke, U.-J.,Shao, H., and Wang, W. (2010) “Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical- Chemical Processes in Fractured Porous Media Benchmarks and Examples” Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, Springer, Chapter 12, Page:247-268.

  2. Kolditz, O., Gorke, U.-J., Shao, H., Wang, W., and Bauer, S. (2016). “Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Fractured Porous Media: Modelling and Benchmarking Benchmarking Initiatives.” Springer, Chapter 6, Page:107-116.

I am studying Benchmark problems presented in Reference 1, which I found in \ogs5-benchmarks-master\MULTIPHASE . But, did not find yet the MoMaS Benchmark problem presented in Reference 2. It will be appreciable, if any one provide reference link for MoMaS Benchmark problem.

On the other hand, Multiphase Flow in OGS divided into PP Scheme (best suited for capillary related problem) & PS Scheme (best suited for dPc/dSw tends to zero ). I found sink or source term for PS Scheme (.st File). But , searching reference for sink or source term (.st File) for PP Scheme. I added sink/source in PP Scheme problem, changing different discharge rate, but it is not influencing the result. Most likely, I am missing something !!! In addition, for sink/ source term -ve sign means discharge, while +ve sign means injection; right? Furthermore in output file (. out), what does the positive and negative sign represent for $NOD_VALUES (VELOCITY_)?

Thanks in advance.