Need advice for minimum laptop system requirements for OGS

Greetings everyone,

I’m new in this community and I’m planning on studying OGS for application on Reactive Transport Modeling. May I ask what is the minimum laptop system requirements to efficiently run OGS on this application? Is Intel Core I5 with 8gb RAM and Quad Core enough?

Well a computer can never have enough power. With an i5 and 8GB RAM you can model quite a lot. The i5 is sufficient in my opinion. In general, the faster the CPU the faster you have your solution. 8GB RAM is okay but 16GB would be surely nicer. Especially if you plan to run larger models with many finite elements. A quad core processor still has some performance left while running serial simulations (not parallel). So you should make sure that your RAM also has free reserves, because this way you can continue working during the simulations. This could be tight with 8 Gigabyte. But you can certainly start with that.

If the models are getting bigger, it might also make sense to look for an access to a computing cluster.
I hope this helps.

Thomas summed this up nicely. I have just one thing to add: if you also want to compile OGS by yourself you should have at least 16 GB RAM. But as Thomas said for just using OGS on smaller models 8 GB should be fine.

Thank you very much for the advice @thomas.kalbacher and @bilke! It’s a great help. I might model laboratory to field scale porous media with size of about 1m x 1m x 1m only for reactive transport modeling.